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Art Wall: spaceships, Strange and Sonic


Friday is art day! Friday is also the harbinger of the weekend, but who cares about that? Instead, take a look at all the pretty pictures I gathered for you from the shady, cob-webby corners of the Internet you dare not venture… (I can’t say more)

FF by Mike Allred (you HAVE to click on this to see it larger- it is AWESOME):

Batgirl by Dave Johnson:

Cars by Blexoblex:

Art by Bruce Pennington:

More spaceships in this 1984 Star Trek cover by George Perez:

Spidey and the X-men by David Aja:

Art by Jane Mai:

City of Lost Children print by Sophia Foster-Dimino:

Dr Strange by John Romita Jr:

By Lewis Trondheim:

Hellboy by Mike Mignola and Francesco Francavilla:

Early Sonic concept art:

Fables cover art by the splenidifiric James Jean:

Batman by Alan Davis and Paul Neary:

Bats redux by Bruce Timm:

My Neighbour Totoro ‘Batooro’ crossover illustration by Steffen:

Thor by Stephen Greiber:

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