We just can’t stop linking to John K’s blog, but this time he gets Hanna Barbera background designer Art Lozzi to explain his color theory, which does come down to forest green and salmon pink, but, somehow it works, damnit.

Now how does one use it? Acrylic? Water colors, oils, gouaches, pastels -you name ’em. You can slap it on, dribble it, roll it, sponge it, spray it, finger it and even glue it. But that’s not what determines if the final look is good or not. If there is no inborn taste or acquired, studied, knowledge, then don’t expect too much. And if you see that you don’t have the feel of it, then drop it and hire someone who has it. If one exposes him-her-self to what’s considered good, long enough, then it’s possible that it can rub off onto him-her. Open the eyes, observe, absorb. What’s good is not necessarily what’s trendy. Beware of trends. Analyze: WHY do I like it? WHY is this considered good? It has to come from inside. Usually, good is lasting. And usually good will last.


  1. I keep seeing posts on me by John K and I’m always impressed by the responses. I didn’t know that so many people -young people- were so interested. I also keep saying that if I could be useful with “theories” and concepts…gladly. I’ll do my best to keep myself available.

    Good luck!
    Happy 2007!
    Art Lozzi

  2. These backgrounds are so beautiful! I am trying to make some backgrounds myself, but it s hard with the digital media we use today :)
    I really admire you Lozzi!