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Arnold Schwarzenegger is really into this GOVERNATOR thing


Despite all logic and evidence to the contrary, former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is serious about his new cartoon show, based on a joke nickname for his political career. The Governator, developed by Stan Lee and Andy Heyward, has a trailer, above, and a lot of wish fulfillment for Ahnuld.

“In a heroic TV show, you can make it happen. We can all live out our fantasies. So the idea is that this Governor, after he retires, says, ‘With all that I have learned in my life about sport and camaraderie and discipline and stunts, now I’m going to do all the things that when I was in office I was not able to do.”

With an array of eco-friendly gadgets and a squadron of teenage technogeeks by his side, the Governator is a testament to the fact that hard work, solid values, and super disguising bubble-gum that can transform you into someone else are tools enough to crush even the most villainous bad guy into a handful of dust.

Arnold was recently shopping the show around at MIPtv, the international TV right fest in Cannes, so it’s not entirely clear when we’ll actually be able to catch each thrilling episode.

  1. That is either the most stupid or awesome thing I have ever seen. It’s PRO-STARS only with better animation. Its a return to 1980’s wish fulfillment cartoons based on actors such as CHUCK NORRIS KARATE KOMMANDOS or MISTER T (which actually lasted past one season). I don’t think even California has that much need for milk, though.

    The Black Eyed Peas continue to be heard in all media, whether we want them or not.

    In fact, a Governator team up episode with Mister T should be mandatory for season one. Or Shaq. I mean, Shaq got onto “STATIC SHOCK”, right?

    It might be funny if villains were based on other celebs, who provided their own voices. Can the Governator and his little friends escape the clutches of the Winner and his Goddesses?

  2. (headdesk) Leaving out the most important part. A thirteen year old precocious computer genius named Zeke Muckerberg.

    I bet Sorkin would love to sue, except his character is nominally a depiction of a real person.

  3. I look forward to this. I really liked his time as leader of the state of California. Zeke MUCKERBERG! HA HA, You’ve done it again, Stan Lee.

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