DC_Poster_Side_B-331x1024Archie’s Dark Circle imprint continues to slowly dole out details on their new line.  The latest announcements were adding David Williams as artist on The Shield and Jose Villarrubia joining Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid on The Fox, presumably as color artist.  They also unveiled the Francesco Francavilla promotional art piece you’ll see on the left of this page.

The initial Dark Circle line-up as it currently stands:

THE BLACK HOOD is a gritty, noir crime thriller written by Duane Swierczynski with artwork by Michael Gaydos presenting the Black Hood as an urban vigilante.

THE SHIELD features a new and different incarnation of the classic character in a superhero action-adventure story by Adam Christopher, Chuck Wendig, and David Williams.

THE FOX by Dean Haspiel, Mark Waid, and Jose Villarrubia, will follow the crazy and entertaining adventures of Paul Patton Jr in his attempts to fight crime in Impact City.

It isn’t immediately obvious how these books fit together.  The previous Fox serious could be described as fun and appropriate for all ages.  Dark Circle editor Alex Segura has said at every turn that The Black Hood will be extremely dark, and that would make sense with Swierczynski writing.  The Shield could be the glue holding it together as a line.  Segura told Comic Book Resources:

The Shield does seem like the biggest departure — but because it deals with such an iconic concept and storied character, it is in many ways the book most tied to the Dark Circle universe. I think fans of past books looking for links to the future should keep their eyes on this book.


  1. I’ve got tons of the 1990 books by DC that are just waiting for me to buy some birdcages. I tried many times to give them away to kids and they said, ‘Meh’. I have high hopes for the latest versions. BTW, I enjoyed the recent Fox series.

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