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Archie enters crossover realm with Archie/Valerie hookup


Fresh from jilting two wives, Archie “Playa” Andrews is moving on to the Pussycats, according to this morning’s press release. We’re not experts in Archie continuity — whether it be comic or strip — so we’re not certain if these two have, er, fraternized before. Will Archie move on to Melody and Josie in a universe spanning x-ver? It’s a Brand New Day for Archie for sure!

Two of the greatest bands in comic book history hook up like never before when Josie and the Pussycats come to town to tour with The Archies. However, more than music is made on one starry night outside Archie’s home, when there’s a kiss that could change Riverdale forever. Is it possible that the pure-hearted, red-haired lead of The Archies is really falling in love with Valerie, the beautiful bassist/songwriter of Josie and the Pussycats? What will happen to Betty and Veronica? “It Starts with a Kiss” is the beginning of a tale to be continued. Don’t miss out while the world watches to see if Archie and Valerie have what it takes to make their love survive. Look for part one in Archie #608, hitting stores this April!

  1. What’s Alan M’s reaction?

    Will Alexandra resort to witchcraft to entice Archie, and will Sabrina make an appearance? Might Reggie make a move or collaborate with Alexandra?

    Is Melody and/or Josie related to Jughead?

    Will Alexander and Alexandra team-up/compete with Cheryl and Jason Blossom?

    Will Albert make a surprise deus ex machina appearance?

    And finally… will anyone conflate this to the notoriety of “Plato’s Stepchildren”?

  2. Dear person writing the solicits,

    What will happen to Betty and Veronica? They’ll get on with their lives, I imagine. The same as every well-liked high school kid without a boyfriend at the moment. Obviously.

    No love,

  3. Ok – this is hard for me to admit- I never thought in my entire life, that I would get a boner from looking at a cover to an Archie comic.

    You know what they say, Arch – once you go black, you never come back.

    Welcome to my world.

    and why stop there, too? Why not go for the trifecta!!



  4. Man, moving up to the girls of Josie & The Pussycats is playing with a whole new level of sexy. Betty and Veronica look like spinsters by comparison. Way to go, Arch! *high five*

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