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Archaia reveals first look at THE LOST CITY OF HERACLEON, arriving in June

This sci-fi time travel adventure follows two boys who have to save the entire known universe


On Monday, BOOM! Studios revealed a first look at the upcoming graphic novel The Lost City of Heracleon, written by Bruce Livingstone and illustrated by Mike Willcox. The book will be published through the BOOM! Studios Archaia imprint in June, adding to the publisher’s already robust graphic novel offerings for 2020.

The Lost City of Heracleon follows two young boys, Lou and Shiro, who adventure through time and space to save the universe. Here’s the full synopsis:

Called to adventure, young boys Lou and Shiro find themselves on an inter-dimensional submarine captained by an off-the-hinges old man. They soon discover Lou’s missing father might still be alive as they are transferred into fully grown warriors headed straight for the battlegrounds of Ancient Egypt, the Lost City, and to 1914 Sarajevo. As the gods tinkering with fate become reckless and apathetic, the boys become part of a legion hell-bent on restoring balance to humanity.

This sci-fi adventure will be available starting in June at your local comic shop and your local bookstore, as well as online through digital retailers including the BOOM! Studios webstore. For more information on this and other upcoming releases, visit boom-studios.com. You can check out the cover and a five-page preview of The Lost City of Heracleon below.

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