As we finally reach San Diego Week, we’re staggering to the starting line, which isn’t great, but…well, that’s how we roll. Even as all the to do’s we’ve been hoarding for a month come due, people are throwing new stories, new news bytes and exclusives at us, last minute, proof yet again that advance planning is the only way to get through this. Next year, NO LAST MINUTE TO DO’S! Everything will be done WEEKS ahead of time so we’ll have room for everyone ELSE’s last minute to do.

One little note — people have made a fuss over Google sponsoring free Wi-Fi at San Diego, but this is the SECOND year for this. Last year, EAGLE EYE, a movie starring Shia LaBeouf, sponsored free Wi-Fi in the conference center (but not on the show floor, as this year.) As we dimly recall, we made some use of this last year. Everyone’s gonna be Twittering, anyway, so it isn’t going to matter.

We have a few more who’s where posts, but only a smattering. People are already hitting the ground. We’re leaving tomorrow AM ourselves.

Since our usual #1 Helper Monkey, Mark Coale, will ALSO be in San Diego this year, we’ve recruited two veteran blogger/journalists to help us out from home base during the show. We’re still running a few sound checks but they should be hitting the ground tomorrow.


  1. So should random folks at SDCC say hi if we run into you? I don’t know what the etiquette is since this is my first time attending.

  2. Googam is EVERYWHERE, Evan. He cannot be escaped.

    Michael: It is always nice to say hello, however such hellos should not be

    a) when the subject is running to the bathroom

    b) when the subject is having a personal conversation. How can you tell it personal — the people are taling at the back of a booth, at the side of the room, or at a table.

    c) when the subject is wandering drunkenly around Ralph’s at 4 am.