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Anka, Butters and Fazekas test Boundaries with Captain Marvel


Kelly Sue DeConnick announced she was leaving Captain Marvel only a few days ago, but Marvel is tapping talent new to comics for the upcoming series, Marvel’s Agent Carter showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas. Artist extraordinaire Kris Anka is providing pencils for the series. This new creative team brings a few more women to mainstream comics — an important new step in diversity for Marvel that will hopefully see the rest of the industry follow suit. Recently, DeConnick brought Captain Marvel into space attempting to serve as a warrior between the outside forces of Earth and the Marvel Universe. Fast Company broke the news and explained that S.W.O.R.D. is no longer in business, giving Captain Marvel an important role in the new Marvel Universe in solving threats to Earth before they touch down to the atmosphere.

The rest of the creative team also explained the new changes in Captain Marvel’s design: “She’s military,” says Fazekas. “She’s not going to have this huge mane of hair. It needs to be practical.” With Captain Marvel’s hairstyle becoming so eclectic over the past year or so within so many different titles — streamlining the concept with a shorter cut is a stroke of brilliance. Anka’s new designs seem to be reflecting the choice.

Finally, Tara Butters chimed in with a quote that should further acclimate fans to the new direction of the title: “We love the fact that she wanted to be a test pilot, someone who tests boundaries,” says Butters. “I feel that’s brought into her superhero character, where she’s pushing herself. Sometimes she takes risks that she shouldn’t take.” Captain Marvel #1 launches this Fall taking place in the eight months after Secret Wars in the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe.


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