New-York City-based convention AnimeNYC and cultural promotion organization Japan Society have banded together to launch a dedicated award to recognize industry professionals in the adaptation and distribution of Japanese manga in the United States, following the explosion in popularity of the medium in 2020 and the sustained demand for manga in the United States in the American Manga Awards.

The awards will be the first industry award exclusively for those involved in the American manga publishing industry in various professional capacities. The inaugural event will be held on August 22, 2024 in the Lila Acheson Wallace Auditorium on the grounds of Japan Society in New York City.

American Manga Awards teaser
American Manga Awards teaser

The awards will also honor such luminaries such as translator and Japanese culture commentator Fredrik L Schodt, with a ceremony and reception hosted by writer and translator Matt Alt, known for the best-selling book Pure Invention, which details Japan’s impact on global culture through trends in toys, technology and entertainment.

With the focus on industry professionals and active participation, the awards will adopt many of the same practices by other major industry-focused awards shows, such as restricting voting to selected categories, restricting elegibility for published work to a specific timeframe, and restricting voting to active industry professionals, with no allowance for voting by the general public.

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The initial slate of categories that will be available for voting have been released, with open submissions for titles to be placed under consideration for nomination. Title submissions by industry professionals are open until June 15 in the following categories:

Mangaka Hall of Fame Manga Publishing Hall of Fame
Best New Manga Best Continuing Manga Series
Best New Edition of Classic Manga Best Translation
Best Lettering Best Publication Design


Selected categories will also have additional criteria for voting and selection.

Voting on submissions in their respective categories will open on June 15 to recognized industry professionals already working in an editorial capacity and limited to direct invites from the American Manga Awards committee, or those industry professionals that choose to register on the forthcoming American Manga Awards website and are approved to vote.

Judges for the awards include Alt and fellow author and translator Hiroko Yoda, comics lettering professionals Tom Orzechowski and Nate Piekos, Kinokuniya Bookstores regional manager Shiegkazu Watanabe, designer Sasha Head, New York Public Library senior librarian for young adult services Renee Scott, comics journalists Brigid Alverson and Shaenon Garrity, Anime News Network executive editor Lynzee Loveridge and long-time social media manga influencer Minovsky.

Source: AnimeNYC