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Ron Hogan at GalleyCat has a report on the Comic Book Club One Year Anniversary which we wrote about earlier, with a fuller report

It was definitely Fraction who said of his work on Punisher War Journal, one of the best mainstream superhero comics I know of right now, “I wanted to make the most metal comic in the whole world. This is a comic you’d paint on the side of your van.” (And it’s true; if I had a van I would totally paint Fraction’s Punisher on the side…unless I’d already covered it with his independent comic, Casanova.)

Ron also points us towards better pictures by Keith Huang, once of which we’ve ganked above. It also reminds us us of an exchange which we’ve recounted to several people since then but negelcted to recount here; this must be remedied.

You’ll recall the show is hosted by comics/comics fans Pete LePage, Justin Tyler and Alex Zalben. The guests were Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, Matt Fraction, Brian Bendis and Ed Brubaker. One of the segments involves audience questions and this one was the beloved chestnut “If you had a superpower what would it be?”

The answers started from the comics writer end. Ed said he’d like to have the power to sleep through the night. Bendis said he’d like to be able to spell. Fraction said he wished he didn’t have to eat, because then he’d have more time.

By now the SNL end of the couch was getting the drift here. “You guys need to stop thinking about work!” said Meyers. “I’d like a power that doesn’t come with Word! How about FLYING?”

Of course there was general hilarity, in the audience, but it was also a rather rueful moment. Granted the Marvel side was mentally fried from a day of Summiting, but it was also maybe a little more symbollic. In the world of the freelancer, it’s all about getting the work out, by any means necessary. When you deal with fantasies all day, they become all too quotidian. We’d all like more time to sleep.