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And what DOES Shaft think about cosplayers, anyway?


If you read ONE local paper story about a comic-con/nerdlebrity fest/back issue bonanza, it should be this one by Micaela Hood in the Miami Herald on this weekend’s Supercon, because it nicely captures the peaceful intermingling of the fans in their homemade costumes, the dealers selling stickers, and the aging stars with nowhere else to go. As “Comic-Con” has become a brand name for an entertainment event where you can expect all this and MORE, the various strata of con-world must learn to live with one another. Just what IS going through Richard “Shaft” Roundtree’s mind, anyway?

As fans lined up to pose for a photo with Richard Roundtree, star of the 1970s hit Shaft, the actor chuckled at the get-ups he saw, calling it a “circus-like atmosphere, very unusual.”

It’s been over 30 years since Shaft was on the big screen. Roundtree, who over the years has appeared on TV shows including Desperate Housewives, has also found a second gig: “My photography has really taken off and I enjoy being on the other side of the camera.”

Dawn Wells, “Mary Ann” of Gilligan’s Island, was equally impressed:

As a line of fans waited to talk with her, she admitted she didn’t know what most of the costumes represented, but admired the fans that dressed up as their favorite comic book hero or villain.

“I think it’s interesting that they’re dedicated to whatever they like and it means something to them that they’ve gone off and gotten a costume.”

And what about from the other side? The dude from Roboplastic Apocalypse had a little write up on some highlights:

# Very little by way of robot figures on the dealer floor. Saw a Japanese reissue Smokescreen and some Revoltech Patlabors but that was it.
# One dealer has original art from Micronauts, ROM, Shogun Warriors and G1 Transformers comics. Pages from Transformers #43 and Transformers #55 were $95-$150 each, while he wanted $1,200 for the cover to Shogun Warriors #5!
# I congratulated Larry Kenny on landing that new Thundercats role-he said I was the first to mention it so far this weekend!

Lots of photos from the floor here.

  1. “It’s been over 30 years since Shaft was on the big screen.”

    Wasn’t he just on the screen 10 years ago, as the original Shaft/uncle of Samuel L. Jackson’s Shaft?

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