This year’s nominees for Best Animated Feature are:

* “Persepolis”
* “Ratatouille”
* “Surf’s Up”

This year’s nominees for Best Animated Short Film are:

* Même les pigeons vont au paradis
* I Met the Walrus
* Madame Tutli-Putli
* Moya lyubov
* Peter & the Wolf

Other tidbits:

* Five nominations in all for “Ratatouille,” including Best Screenplay and Score.
* Two nominations for BEAT favorite “Pirates 3.”
* Three nominations for “Sweeney Todd,” including Best Actor for Johnny Depp.
* Three nominations for nerd favorite “Transformers.”

Who ya got?

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. Hey, how about this year, something different: an Oscar for every nominated film!

    That oughtta get more bums in seats at the movie theatres! And it will throw a wrench into all the money spending machine that starts up around the voting time… yar har har har …

  2. Don’t forget the Oscar nod to the X-Men’s own Kitty Pryde — Ellen Page (who was great in “X-Men 3” and in “Juno”).

  3. And Enchanted earns THREE noms for best song. Might we see a return of the great Disney musical?
    But no nod for Estaban del Rio, as Sweeney Todd had no original music.
    Best For Your Consideration Ad: John Travolta for Hairspray.
    also… will the WGA picket the Key Arts Awards?

  4. I’m kinda bummed that Spidey 3 didn’t get nominated for visual effects, costumes, sound editing, cinematography- AT LEAST FOR SOMETHING DAMMIT!!

    But I am happy for Persepolis!

    Sorry- guess I’m just Sony Pictures biased.



  5. At least PERSEPOLIS didn’t get snubbed twice over. I agree that it should have probably got a nod for the Best Film category.

  6. “Don’t forget the Oscar nod to the X-Men’s own Kitty Pryde — Ellen Page (who was great in “X-Men 3″ and in “Juno”). ”

    Wow, I hadn’t thought of that…if she wins, that means that the X-films will have starred 3 actors who had won or would come to win Academy Awards, none of whom are Ian McKellen or Partick Stewart.

    Should Page win (not impossible) and should an X-Men 4 movie come to pass (perhaps less likely) with all the same cast (very unlikely), I have images of classically trained actors’ actors McKellen and Stewart looking at Paquin, Page, and Berry with a mixture of amusement and envy…

  7. … and Cate Blanchet scores a rare double nom for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. Next: Indiana Jones!