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We vowed we would never turn this into the “Fox Atomic” blog, but we’re kinda wrapped up in wrapping up THE HILLS HAVE EYES: THE BEGINNING for the next couple of weeks and so blogging might be a little light. (In case you missed it, we’re freelance editing for the Fox Atomic line of graphic novels.)

Now you may have noticed that every time we say that we have a huge day — that’s because we’re trying to “clear off our plate” before going on hiatus. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

013[1].Thhe Copy [hype alert] I may write a bit more about the whole Fox Atomic thing eventually because we hear you kids love the “behind the scenes!” thing. Anyway, here’s a page of art by John Higgins, colors by Dennis Calero to keep you busy. The movie opens on Friday. The graphic novel is NOT an adaptation, but rather a prequel which explains where the mutants came from and how they got that way. Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin gray, John, Dennis and the fine crew at Comicraft have really done an incredible job, and I’m eager to see what everyone thinks.

Actually the first Fox Atomic graphic novel, 28 Day Later: The Aftermath comes out next month. Since I had nothing to do with it, I can say I’ve seen advance copies and it’s a really gorgeous package. The books are coming out through HarperCollins, and they are handsome volumes.

The Fox Atomic deal is also an interesting experiment in putting out graphic novels without pamphlets.Although that is common place with indies and manga, it’s not so common with this kind of genre (horror) material so…this could be interesting. [/hype alert]

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