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Anatomy of a panty shot


Dear lord, what is coming out of this woman’s vajayjay? People, dogs, monster claws, golden light, frayed denim. This one has it all.

The cover to Image’s new NANCY IN HELL miniseries by Juan Jose Ryp and El Torres is either a subtle homage to such cameltoe classics as Ryan Kinnaird’s X-Men: Phoenix – Legacy of Fire, or maybe just…a new definition of “in your face.” The PR promises to “take you on a white-knuckle tour of the underworld” so evidently fisting is involved either way.

How does a former cheerleader become a hardened hellraiser? Artist Juan Jose Ryp and writer El Torres answer that question with NANCY IN HELL, a four-issue miniseries that sends a good girl into a Hell filled with tortured souls, lusty demons, and armed outcasts.

Fans of Warren Ellis’s BLACK SUMMER and NO HERO will recognize Ryp’s highly detailed art style. Torres is the writer behind the critically acclaimed THE VEIL as well as ZOMBIES!: ECLIPSE OF THE UNDEAD.
“Nancy was one of our first creations together, and foolishly, we still love her,” explains Ryp, a resident of Andalusia, Spain.
“There weren’t any deep questions or psychological undertones to this book when we first started,” says Torres, who also lives in Andalusia. “We just wanted to create a fun little romp with a blond bombshell armed with a chainsaw, carving her way through demons and the undead. Though after starting with some story details involving Christian cosmogony — after all, she IS wandering through a sort of Christian Hell — the deep questions invariably came up.”
“But we never lost sight of the monsters or chainsaws,” laughs Ryp.
NANCY IN HELL: Good girls go to heaven, right? But it seems like there are no good girls anymore. After her death, Nancy awakens in a creepy landscape to find decomposing lost souls, demons lurking in the shadows, outcasts, chainsaws, booze, and certain doom. Can Nancy escape from Hell? Amazing artist JUAN JOSE and writer EL TORRES take you on a white-knuckle tour of the underworld to find out!

  1. Seriously Heidi, I’m no longer in an enclosed office, I get funny looks when I laugh out loud at work. You really need to give folks spoiler warnings for excess brilliant sarkiness, you know.

  2. yeah, keep trying to convince us the the comic reading public isn’t made up of lonely teenage boys and repressed teenage virgins.

  3. Huge sales for this issue?
    If so, we’ll now know how “seamy” to make things.
    Then, next issue: a whole freakin’ ARMY of HellNancys, with their cutoffs even more embroidered! Plus, tentacle tats! hoo-haww

  4. It’s almost impressive how the otherwise lousy composition and colouring draw the eye to her crotch. The muzzle flash lighting is a nice touch.

    Her face is awfully wonky too, but the eye is not drawn to it anyway.

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