After a couple of months of non-stop travel and activity, The Beat finally got sick; not so sick that we can’t go to C2E2, but sick enough that The Beatis seriously dragging and a lot of stuff we had planned isn’t going to happen, or won’t happen when we promised it would. So hang in there, baby. And if we seem even more incoherent than usual. blame the Nyquil.

Usually being sick before a big show would have us seriously upset and alarmed but after four shows in six weeks…it’s kind of like water on a duck’s back. Just hoping to get through the next few days, and feeling sorry for everyone who is going on to Stumptown!

On the plus side, since I haven’t unpacked for two months, that part of traveling is a breeze!


  1. Well, I’m on my way to C2E2, so I can string if you need me.
    (Not attending the Diamond Summit… I pointed out here that the elephant in the room is wearing the emperor’s new clothes, so my friends at DBD suggested I find other things to do in the City of Broad Shoulders. So I’ll meet a flight attendant for dinner instead.)

    I recommend 500mg of Vitamin C every thirty minutes until ambulatory.

    To help, some kibble: The Pulitzer Prizes were announced yesterday.
    The winner for editorial cartooning: an animated cartoonist from San Francisco. Given the hue and cry over Doonesbury and Bloom County. I expect pitch and feathers being readied over a web-based, animated cartoon.

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