Tuesday, November 30, 2021

SDCC ‘21: Activation highllights featuring LA BREA & PEACEMAKER

The Beat was on hand to check out two of the activations at this year's mini-con aka the 2021 San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition! First, was an outdoor activation recreating moments from the hit...
Action Comics #1037

DC ROUND-UP: A very good Authority comic rises in ACTION COMICS #1037

Plus, Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #1...you have almost certainly never seen a comic quite like this one.

SDCC ‘21: LA BREA cast discuss their first season before the finale

La Brea has had, in my humble opinion, an iconic first season and the finale is tonight! What will it bring? Well first, stop here if you haven’t watched because spoilers are coming. Now...

EXCLUSIVE: Read an excerpt from Victoria Grace Elliott’s YUMMY: A HISTORY OF DESSERTS

The graphic novel exploring the history of some of the world's favorite sweet treats is in stores this week.
SDCC 21 Spotlight on Mimi Pond

SDCC ’21: In “Spotlight on Mimi Pond”, doing the work is what matters most...

The key to making comics is drawing everything.

A Year of Free Comics: Are you HELLBOUND?

Read the thriller web series for free before watching the Netflix adaptation

MEPHISTO MONDAYS: 10 characters who were secretly Mephisto the whole time

Well, everyone knows Mephisto hasn't been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet. What this post presupposes is... maybe he has.

SDCC ’21: The 31 titles you must read in “This Manga Is Awesome”

Deb Aoki and team discuss new and old manga for all ages and temperaments
Korean Webcomics Under the Oak Tree SDCC '21

SDCC ’21: The Infinite Canvas panel explores the Korean webcomics explosion

Manta makes the case with its subscriber-based series UNDER THE OAK TREE.

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