Wednesday, June 7, 2023
White Savior TPB

INTERVIEW: Burman & Nguyen talk deconstructing the WHITE SAVIOR

The creative comedy duo spoofs revisionist history with charm and crazy energy.
Hasbro the Marvels

Kamala Khan and alien Flerken among Hasbro THE MARVELS action figure reveals

Includes 3 figures based on characters as they appear in the upcoming film as well as 4 comics-inspired figures to round out the set!
Hailey's On It

INTERVIEW: How Bill & Ted influenced the creators of Disney’s HAILEY’S ON IT! cartoon

Writing/Producing duo Devin Bunje and Nick Stanton talk wrestling, comic conventions, and much more!

DC ROUND-UP: The Flash speeds into his 800th issue

An assortment of stories from Flash creators past, present, and future.
Comics to Buy for June 7

Top Comics to Buy for June 7, 2023: Sorting through a packed week

Featuring Flash #800, I Hate This Place #9, and much more!

EXCLUSIVE: Check out illustrations by Jon Proctor from the upcoming AHOY Comics prose serial

Partially Naked Came the Corpse! will kick off with a Grant Morrison-written first installment in September.

Meet the Daily Planet’s newest interns in MY ADVENTURES WITH SUPERMAN trailer

Premieres Thursday, July 6 at midnight on Adult Swim
Paper Girls #1

Classic Comic Compendium: PAPER GIRLS #1

A masterful first issue.

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