Rebellion reveals more new covers for BEST OF 2000 AD series

And with more artists being released soon, readers should be on the edge of their seats!

A Year of Free Comics: EDGE OF THE NIGHT

Where wolves? Here wolves.

What’s bugging Jessica Drew? Find out in the new SPIDER-WOMAN, debuting March 2020

Spider-Woman is back to weaving her own web.

Report: There was a rough Snyder Cut and here’s who saw it

It's real but it wasn't so spectacular.

New CRISIS promo photos reveal Kevin Conroy’s Bruce Wayne, plus Welling & Routh as...

The new photos feature Supermen, Bat-people, and the Book of Destiny.
Marvels Voices #1

MARVEL’S VOICES #1 anthologizes talent from the podcast series with Gay, Greene, Ayala, Walker...

Pick it up in February, then tune in for another season of the Marvel's Voices podcast.
Finger Guns

Vault announces FINGER GUNS, a new series set for February 2020

The series centers on two teens who can control emotions with their finger guns

KAWS made $14 million from Bill Morrison art, and Morrison isn’t happy

When copies of comics art appear in glass houses, should creators throw stones?
Vampirella #5

PREVIEW: Vampi chooses to overcome her lonely existence in VAMPIRELLA #5

Priest’s wildly successful Vampirella series continues