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We mean it, Seriously…hold on to your hats! This is WILD!

§ Mark Evanier and Marv Wolfman offer their reviews of BORAT:


I guess I didn’t like Borat the Character much. Many of those he encountered on his shlep across America were jerks but he was usually a bigger jerk. Matter of fact, the jerks he encountered were often only jerks because his jerkiness was provoking them into it. So I guess I thought something like, “This is supposed to be the Comedy of Reality, but the reality is phony because his actions are creating it.” Or something like that. I really can’t explain my reactions very well. If I come up with a better understanding of them, I’ll post it here.


So I have mixed opinions about it. Generally I liked it. I laughed a lot. Sometimes I couldn’t stop laughing. But then, suddenly, I would find myself repulsed by something I was watching. I generally have a low threshold for embarrassment humor. I tend to turn off the TV when on a sitcom someone is about to do something really stupid. Borat swings back and forth from the hilarious to the hellacious. Fortunately, overall it is more funny than not. But those non moments are truly cringeworthy.

§ This story will make you cry — honest.:

A brilliant political cartoonist who fled oppression in Afghanistan died scraping together extra money to keep his family of nine in their promised land.

Said Shiraga Rahimi, 35, who dreamed of good educations and better lives, was on an 11th hour pizza delivery when a CP freight train hit his minivan at 1:24 a.m. Monday.

§ Gene Simmons swears vengeance against loose-lipped Diamond employee:

Q: Gene, A friend of mine works at a distribution company that handles comic books. He tells me there is a new KISS comic book coming fairly soon. Is he leveling with me? Can you say anything yet? Gene: There is going to be very big comic book news coming within a month. Kindly bear with us until we’re ready to announce the story.

§They love cartoonist Andrei Bilzho in Moscow

The character Petrovich used to appear in Kommersant, but moved to Izvestia in 2005. Slightly akin to Homer Simpson, he is an everyman with a fondness for vodka, chickens and his wife, Manya. Bilzho’s drawings are neither typical one-liner cartoons nor political allegories. Rather, they often draw on folk tales for their imagery, featuring three-headed dragons and the round Russian equivalent of the Gingerbread Man, Kolobok.

§ Hollywood thinks comics writers look like hot Brit actor :

British actor HUGH DANCY put his life in the hands of a Romanian wolf trainer while shooting new movie BLOOD + CHOCOLATE in Bucharest – because he was at the mercy of hungry beasts during some hair-raising scenes. The young actor plays a comic book writer on the run from werewolves in the new movie, and literally had to be thrown to real-life wolves for many of his scenes. He explains, “I had them thrown at my head and I wrestled with them. Basically, the way these wolves are persuaded to put in a good day’s work is they come in the morning pretty hungry and then somebody puts pieces of steak about the person, that’s me, and they set the wolves on you.

§ Jolie out; Weisz in for SIN CITY 2? Reports are remarkably substance free.

Reports say Angelina Jolie may be replaced as the star of “Sin City 2” by Rachel Weisz. Director Robert Rodriguez is said to be in talks with the British actress to play “Dame To Kill For” Ava Lord, after his first choice, Angelina, was unable to fit the project into her busy schedule. The long-awaited sequel to the 2005 movie is rumored to start shooting in 2008. Jessica Alba, Clive Owen and Mickey Rourke are expected to reprise their roles as Nancy, Dwight and Marv.

§ Charlie Brown to be even lonelier in the future.

§ Mark Waid puts his toys away one shelf at a time, like everyone else.

§ Salma Hayek STILL not starring in comic-book movie.


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