The most recent issue of the Park Slope Reader (Summer 2018 #65) released earlier this month and with it comes the next portion of So What? Press’ newest Tales of the Night Watchman story, The Ghost Train!

This latest installment of the monster-fighting baristas is exclusive to the Park Slope Reader and this time features not two, but four beautiful full-color pages, written by Dave Kelly, illustrated by Simon Fraser (Nickolai Dante, Kingsman), and colored by Gary Caldwell. The publication in question can be found in various cafés, local businesses, and grocery stores in the neighborhoods surrounding Prospect Park. In particular, Milk Bar, Gowanus Souvenir Shop, Union Market, and Anyone Comics.

Additionally, this haunting new tale features a ghostly antagonist based on the train involved in the Malbone St. Wreck in 1918, the deadliest in New York City’s true history, where roughly 100 were killed. 

(Apparently the biggest outcome from it was the banning of wooden train cars in subway tunnels…)



According to Kelly, “It’s the centenary of the crash, so I felt this was a great opportunity to tell a fun story steeped in a part of Brooklyn history that few people know about. The editor of the Park Slope Reader was into the idea since the wreck occurred nearby at Prospect Park station.”

You can read the first chapter of Tales of the Night Watchman: The Ghost Train online through The Park Slope Reader’s website. Subsequent chapters will be added once the run edition runs out. You can also purchase issues of the ongoing series on So What? Press’ website.


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