Popular Publicity Manager Alex Segura Jr. has announced today is his last day at DC Comics. Austin Trunick, whose name has been much more visible on The Source blog of late, will be taking over as DCU publicist, working with VP, Publicity David Hyde.

This job, and THE SOURCE in particular, have meant a lot to me over the last few years. It’s impossible to explain how exactly, so I’m not going to try. Suffice to say, the opportunity to be the conduit for so much news, information and excitement to the fans is an opportunity and experience I’m always going to cherish. It’s really been an honor to connect with so many people – in and out of the company and industry – on a regular basis. The chance to say, with little to no irony, that I had a hand in spreading the word about Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and DC’s endless array of wonderful characters is amazing. And I’m certain 12-year-old Alex would be pretty stoked if I could get my DeLorean running long enough to tell him. So, yeah. Thank you for reading. I’m not deluded enough to think anyone came to this piece of Internet real estate because of my ability to turn a phrase, but it was an honor to be a messenger of such great and exciting news each day.

Segura joined DC in 2006, following stints at the Miami Herald, Wizard Magazine, and Archie Comics. As a journalist, he founded The Great Curve blog which eventually created both [email protected] Newsarama and Robot 6. In all those positions he made tons of friends who are flooding Twitter right now with the best wishes for one of the good guys in comics.

Luckily, Segura says he isn’t leaving the comics business in his goodbye post, so keep an eye on where he lands.


  1. This stings. Alex is one incredibly creative, dependable, and intelligent guy. I never had a problem he didn’t have some idea how to solve, and when he gave his word, he kept it. I’m gonna miss him a lot.

    Whoever gets Alex is one lucky company. We’ll miss you, Alex, thanks for everything!