If you’ve seen cartoonist Alec Longstreth in recent years, you are probably wondering what religion he joined that prevented him from cutting his hair or shaving his beard for three years. It was the religion of comics: as explained in this interview, Longstreth vowed not to shave until his comic BASEWOOD was finished — which took three years.

During this time, Longstreth cut quite a figure — his beard was not just an earnest but under-achieving sprouting, but a full on man-garden at the height of summer.


And in about an hour, with the release party for his minicomic PHASE 7, Longstreth is finally about to go under the razor.


We can’t be there, obviously, but perhaps one of our White River Junction buds can report on the event for Beat readers and catch up with Alec on his newly bald view of the world.


  1. Alec is a a great dude, and his devotion to cartooning is downright inspirational. PHASE 7 has been a must-read self-published comic for years.