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ALA conference launches Artists Alley for comics


Librarians love cartoonists who create books that people of all ages want to actually check out of the library. And cartoonists love librarians who buy their books and shelve them in high traffic GN sections.

This great love affair for our times is going even further at this year’s American Library Association conference in New Orleans — organizers are making space available for an Artists Alley for the first time.

Artist and illustrators are invited to participate in this new pavilion at the American Library Association Annual Conference in New Orleans. The Annual Conference Graphic Novel/Gaming pavilion has been a destination for librarians for over 5 years and this new pavilion allows librarians to meet face-to-face with artists and illustrators who create comics, games, and graphic novels.

A free opportunity to participate

In order to give visibility to a wide variety of artists and illustrators, the association will provide free space to participants. In return for this space, participants are asked to supply one original piece of work to be included in a silent auction for the Association’s scholarship fund.

If you want to expand your reach into libraries, this is a perfect opportunity. Artists are encouraged to bring a variety of materials to display, distribute for free and to sell. Each artist exhibit space includes one skirted table, two chairs, carpet, back drape and an identification sign.
Click here to reserve space. For more information, contact ala@heiexpo.com

So, to sum up: FREE space at a show where you will reach 19,000 librarians.

Good deal…or great deal?

This year’s summer ALA conference takes place June 23-28th in New Orleans, LA.

  1. Heidi, thanks for helping to get the word out. There will also be some graphic novel panel discussions during the conference. And, all you artists and creators out there, here’s one librarian who’s planning to save up some money to buy as much of your stuff as I can afford for myself as well as for my library!

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