Legendary EC writer/artist Al Feldstein has told members of his mailing list that his recent and future comics convention appearances (including a canceled appearance at MegaCon) are canceled, due to some heart problems, and he’s currently awaiting admission to the Mayo Clinic for a heart bypass.

He writes that on February 24th, he blacked out while driving on his Montana ranch. After being taken to the hospital, testing revealed the need for the bypass. Because of his age — Feldstein is 83 — he’s a “high risk” candidate for surgery. However, the Mayo Clinic accepted him as a patient, and he’s waiting for the procedure.

Despite his health setbacks, Feldstein writes that he will “continue to send my usual rabble-rousing garbage…and please!, continue to send me yours.” He’s also enjoyed the outpouring of good wishes from his many fans.

As the editor of most of EC’s horror and crime comics, and the man behind MAD for 29 years, Feldstein is undoubtedly one of the most influential editors and writers in comics history. We snapped the above picture of him and fellow legend Jerry Robinson at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con. Here’s hoping that Al is back to full health and back doing what he enjoys very, very soon!


  1. Oh man. Here’s to a successful operation and full recovery for him!

    Have met and spoke to him a couple of times in Artist Alley at SDCC, a great guy to talk to about EC and MAD, and still having that smart glint in his eyes that must’ve been there when he was coralling all those Usual Gang of Idiots on ways to tweak Eisenhower-era America…