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AKA Jessica Jones is now just Marvel’s Jessica Jones


AKA Jessica Jones was always kind of a clumsy title for the televised adaptation of Marvel’s Alias, even when it was going to be an ABC series a few years back.

But, thanks to the keen eyed folks over at TennantNews.com, it looks like Marvel is fixing that issue for the Netflix iteration of the series, as they’ll be dropping the AKA portion of the title, and it will be known simply as Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

Given that there was already the old Alias television series, starring Jennifer Garner, that you can watch right now on the streaming service; using the Brian Michael BendisMichael Gaydos title would surely be too tricky. Marvel instead went the most sensible route possible.

In additional news, it looks like we should be seeing before the end of the year based on that “Coming 2015” bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix and Marvel Television stick to a Spring and Fall release schedule for all of their upcoming series.


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