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Ahoy: The annual Devastator/Beat Convention survey is coming!


It’s a little late but I’ve been in contact with Geoffrey Golden and Amanda Meadows of The Devastator, we they are putting together a 2016 survey for how much money exhibitors made at various comic-cons across North America. It’s called the Devastator/Beat survey but Amanda and Geoff really do all the work – I just help a leetle bit with promoting and consult on questions. They do the facts and figures part and get a designer to make the whole thing pretty.

I’ve had a few people asking me about this year’s survey and while it’s still being prepped to go out to exhibitors, I just wanted to give people the heads up. You can see selected info from last year’s survey here or – recommended – get the full report for $1 here.

With all the brouhaha over conventions of late – from crappy cons to crappy prints in Artist Alley to shows going out of business – this survey offers the ONLY independent investigation of what shows are the most successful for exhibitors and other trends on comic-cons. So get your pencils ready!

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