…and it’s pretty nice, with books offered in various categories. If WATCHMEN-friendly civilians can be converted to our side, this could be a very useful tool. Love the yellow Futura lettering!


  1. It’s a nice setup, but felt there were too many choices (with many repeats between all the sections); honestly, if I was a new reader, I’d feel quite over-whelmed by the number of titles given. I think it’d have been preferable to list like 5 in each category, and then had a “once you’ve read these, click this to expand for more suggestions” feature or something.

    Also, despite Marvel stomping DC in the month to month sales, DC really does have a vastly superior back catalog.

  2. Well, hopefully, what helps define what’s influential next in comic book movies, are movies not soley based on DC or Marvel properties.

  3. “Where’s the section for “more books by Dave Gibbons”???”

    I take your point, but realistically, would DC have enough books by Dave Gibbons to sustain its own section in this kind of promotion?

    Some of Gibbons’ other great DC artwork was done in individual comics (Superman’s “For the Man Who Has Everything” for example), and although those are included in tpb collections, they’re not Gibbons’-centric. And much of Gibbons’ recent work for DC has been as a writer or cover artist only, so maybe DC thought the Gibbons connection for those wouldn’t be a natural way to convert post-Watchmen readers.

    Dave Gibbons’ other great work as a comics artist is, arguably of course, the Martha Washington books with Frank Miller, but those are Dark Horse titles.

    That said, I do see that Gibbons’ Vertigo GN THE ORIGINALS is included in the “Mature Readers” section. Maybe there could’ve been a way to better emphasize the Gibbons/Watchmen connection with that book. A promotion can always be tweaked to be better so it’s good to nitpick and comment, but we probably shouldn’t overaccentuate the negative either…