Yesterday afternoon, we finally got an inkling of information about Matt Reeves’ long in gestation Batman film from the man himself. Though the question we were left hanging with, and I pointed this out was, where does this leave Ben Affleck?

As it turns out, we just needed to wait a few hours. Last night, Deadline came out with the news that DC fans have been wondering about for over a year and a half. Affleck will not be returning as Batman, and will instead have a younger replacement for Reeves’ take on the property. Additionally, they delivered a firm date for the film: June 25, 2021 – which aligns with exactly what Reeves was saying yesterday regarding its release.

Now comes the speculation as to who he’ll cast. I know that Jake Gyllenhaal had been in the running for some time (he’s about 8 years younger than Affleck), but now that he’s playing Mysterio in the MCU – that itch may have finally been scratched. Another popular candidate is Armie Hammer, who was once cast in the role in George Miller’s Justice League. But I’m hopeful they surprise us in the same way that Affleck came out of the blue as an unexpected Batman.

Goodbye Batfleck, I feel like we hardly knew ye. I was a fan, at least in Batman v Superman anyway.

But wait, there’s more, THR then came with a report that James Gunn is now in talks to not just write the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel, but he’ll also direct it. Called The Suicide Squad, the effort will be a relaunch rather than a direct sequel – and will involve a mostly all-new cast, though I’ve heard tell through the grapevine that both Margot Robbie and Viola Davis are likely to return.

Gunn is a great get for WB. One of the lone missteps that Disney has made in regards to the MCU was letting him go, as not only as the mind behind the massively popular Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, but also a chief architect for the future of Cosmic Marvel. But their screw-up is DC Films’ gain! I just hope somebody hands Gunn a copy of COPRA at some point.

There you have it: The Batman in June 2021, The Suicide Squad in August 2021. Apparently we relaunch stuff with “The” now.

The Snyder-run era is now this strange anomaly. Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League all feature characters that have since appeared in other more popular movies that are spawning sequels (Wonder Woman, Aquaman) or will appear in upcoming new films (Birds of Prey), but they’ll no longer inform anything to come. That’s surely for the best, but I still hope that somehow, someway, Henry Cavill gets another crack at playing Superman. Maybe in The Superman.


  1. Feel free to delete this comment when, but wanted to give you heads up of the typo: James Gunn is now in talks to not just WRITE the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel, but he’ll also WRITE it.

  2. I do hope that the next Suicide Squad film has more edge to it. The first one was ostensibly about bad guys, but didn’t really feel as such. I think having more focus on Deadshot could help with that. Show off what we love about Will Smith – his wit, his energy, and his physique. Deadshot should have some full frontal nudity – it’s way past time that we had some penises in these comic book movies. I also think they could use Joel Kinnerman better. He’s supposed to be this badass military dude but we never really get that feel. I was roommates with an ex Navy Ranger and one thing he always did was show me his penis. there’s no reason why we can’t have a shower scene with Joel where we do get to see his penis, perhaps with some soap on it?

  3. “there’s no reason why we can’t have a shower scene with Joel where we do get to see his penis, perhaps with some soap on it?”

    Only if Bryan Singer directs, and the character is a teenager.

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