One more Baltimore link before we hit the road — AdHouse (#1904) will make Paul Pope fans happy by bringing the limited edition THB #2 to the show.

Continuing the epic THB tale, Comic from Mars #2 is/was a Baltimore Comic*Con Exclusive. The comic contains 6.5 stories that take you further into the world of HR Watson and all the androids, Martians and cartoon characters that populate the red planet. Still larger than life and just as sweet.
4+1C cover
32 1C pages
7″ x 10″ saddle stitched
$4.95 US funds
Shipping in August 2010
An AdHouse Books Exclusive

Pope’s original sci-fi epic, THB comics, are loooong out of print (although First Second has a collection announced), as is the #1 one-off AdHouse produced for San Diego 2007. Our advice? Get one while it’s hot!


  1. Dear East Coast,
    You suck so much right now.

    Totally Jealous

    Man, I’ve been waiting for the THB collection since it was announced. Super excited.

  2. Hmmm.. I get the appeal of having special issues like this… but I can’t wait for that First Second collection of THB. I keep hearing about it, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on it. Plus I’m a bit of a completest, so giant omnibus editions sounds wonderful. I love Pope’s stuff.. but I haven’t really found too much of it. I remember finding 100% randomly and being hooked from there on in. Hell, I even went hunting for his DKNY clothing line to some degree of success.

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