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Adam Sandler wins legal battle against comic book


A comics writer who sued Adam Sandler, his production company, Judd Apatow and Sony Pictures has had his case dismissed after a judge found that using a hair dryer as a weapon was not infrangible

The Second Circuit again finds that brandishing a blow dryer as a weapon is an unprotectable idea and so too is the character’s fighting pose.

“There is no plausible basis for a reasonable jury to find that the parties’ respective expressions of the concept of a crime-fighting hairdresser are substantially similar,” says a panel of judges at the circuit.

Robert Cabell, author of The Hair-Raising Adventures of Jayms Blonde had sued claiming that You Don’t Mess with the Zohan — in which Sandler portrays an Israeli special agent who poses as a hairdresser — had been copied from his comic, which he claimed he had pitched to Columbia.

  1. As much as I tend to root for the little guy, despite the fact that would not sit thru Zohan (or nearly any other Adam Sandler film) without charging someone a rather hefty fee for my time, this is a legally correct decision.

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