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ABSOLUTE CARNAGE expands issue count

Absolute Carnage was originally solicited as running for four issues, but a mysterious extra issue seems to have been added


It looks like Absolute Carnage, Marvel’s next big crossover event, is set to run for at least another issue. Marvel’s solicitations for this August lists issues #1 and #2 as parts of a four-issue mini-series, but the tweet below indicates otherwise.

In an image posted by Twitter user @BentoBandit, a cover reveal ad for Absolute Carnage #4 shows a November 2019 heading near the bottom, with a listing for issue #5 beneath it. Marvel has not formally announced this additional issue, but it seems safe to expect the newly-expanded series length to be reflected in November’s Marvel solicitations.

The appeal of Absolute Carnage was its length, originally running for four issues in three months, leveling itself out with Marvel’s recently-concluded War of the Realms event that also ran for three months. The addition of another issue dampens Marvel’s new approach to events, in which they’re put out at a quick and consistent pace.

It’ll also mean that Marvel will have had an event book out eight months of the year by the time Absolute Carnage is over, which highlights their recently very aggressive publishing strategy. This is not to mention weekly events like this October’s Contagion and this summer’s Acts of Evil annuals.

We have reached out to series writer Donny Cates for comment and will update this article with his response if we receive one.

Absolute Carnage #1 and #2 hit stores on August 7th and August 28th, respectively.

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