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A Year of Free Comics: WAFFLES & PANCAKES mixes an endearing friendship with hilarious potty humor

The slice of life series on Webtoons goes deeper than fart jokes and immature college humor


For anyone who had that friend in college—you know, the one who asks random questions, has an obsession with sex, and loves a good fart joke—then you understand the friendship between Aiden and Kaia right from the start in Waffles & Pancakes. The slice of life Webtoons series by DT Saranya features two best friends exploring their world as they transition from being a teen to a fully functional young adult.

Of the pair, Aiden is the comedy. He has an obsession with animals, mainly what it would be like for humans to have animal traits, but his heart of gold is evident as he takes in any stray he finds, much to the dismay of his friends and professors. Kaia is his polar opposite. Where he is a hilarious mess, she’s put together, serious, and incredibly pragmatic. Their yin and yang makes sense, even though most people would wonder how they get along at all. But that is what is so endearing about the series. Aiden needs Kaia’s practicality and Kaia needs Aiden’s levity.

The series is set up in quick, short snippets of the main characters’ life on campus. With more than 200 installments (and counting), each episode is fresh and funny, and because of the short-form layout, each one is just long enough to cheer you up and make you laugh out loud during a stressful day.

The best part of Waffles & Pancakes is that beyond Aiden’s antics and Kaia’s constantly saving him there is a true friendship. Every few episodes the pair shares a tender moment reminding us why their friendship works. When the rest of the world wonders why Aiden hangs out with such a difficult, cynical person like Kaia or how she puts up with the precarious, ridiculous situations he puts her in, the reader sees a sweet relationship that will stand the test of time even after college.

To begin reading the series, head over to Webtoons. You’ll definitely laugh and feel warm and fuzzy all over.

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