Valley Ghouls is a cute and spooky slice of life comic about creator Kate Leth’s day-to-day life in the scariest land of them all: Southern California.

Kate’s credits include writing action-packed genre adventure comics like Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat! and Spell on Wheels. With Valley Ghouls, however, the focus is on the everyday adventures of Kate (she’s a bat) and her partner Cohen (they’re a ghost).

Cohen and Kate play Switch in Valley Ghouls

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While all of the characters are literal (and adorable) cryptids, the subjects covered by the comic can get very real. Valley Ghouls doesn’t just examine the sweet and cheerful moments in a committed relationship between two charismatic and queer characters. The comic also delves into the day-to-day reality of living with anxiety in the year 2019, and a format-breaking extended entry marks the one-year milestone of the day Kate quit drinking.

Serious Tarot in Valley Ghouls

Amidst these more serious moments there are also plenty of strips that cover topics that aren’t so serious, such as the type of crisis that can arise from having dinner delivered by an indifferent food courier, the irresistible urge to celebrate Canada Day, or the confusion that can come out of traded monsters with nicknames in Pokémon GO.

Pokemon Go Shiny in Valley Ghouls

As more friends of Kate and Cohen make appearances in the comic, more monsters are added to the roster, which adds a spooky and fantastic twist to the otherwise realistic exploits explored by the story – never fear, Jackalope fans, Valley Ghouls has you covered!

Pet the cat in Valley Ghouls

It’s impossible not to get invested in the exploits of these little monsters, whether they’re trying to survive trips to visit family or just working on getting the cat to cuddle. Check out Valley Ghouls today!

Nintendo Drama in Valley Ghouls

You can keep up with Kate by following @kateleth on twitter, learn more about her work on her homepage, and support her work directly through Patreon!


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