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A Year of Free Comics: Take a deep breath with SMALL HORSE & DOG

The sweet slice-of-life comic features a large canine and a wise, diminutive equestrian.


In Small Horse & Dog by Lois Dolores de Silva, you get a glimpse into the daily goings-on of two close friends: the incredibly wise and calm Small Horse and the very sweet (but sometimes nervous or uncertain) Dog.

Over the course of the comic, Dog and Small Horse have many conversations, with Dog’s anxieties about the state of the world frequently serving as the catalyst. Fortunately, while Dog may give voice to some very familiar anxieties, Small Horse is always there to assuage Dog’s concerns and help reintroduce some much-needed perspective.

While the majority of the entries are focused on Small Horse and Dog, there is another character who occasionally appears: Cream Cat. While Dog hopes to win Cream Cat’s friendship, it turns out that Cream Cat is not exactly ready to reciprocate these feelings, and Dog just has to learn to accept that. If interpersonal, thoughtful stories like this are appealing to you, then you will definitely want to check out Small Horse & Dog.

Because the comic was posted to Instagram throughout 2020, there are some entries that address issues related to self-isolation, social distancing, and the other sometimes-difficult necessities that emerged and/or became exacerbated as a consequence of the pandemic.

However, there are few philosophies better suited to dealing with the realities of COVID-19 than Small Horse’s, and readers who find themselves exhausted by the ongoing pandemic will likely find the diminutive equestrian’s perspective just as comforting as Dog does.

If you’d prefer to read Small Horse & Dog via Webtoon rather than through Tapas, that is a possibility as well. The series updates on Sundays, Wednesdays, and sometimes Fridays.

You can support Small Horse & Dog directly through the Ko-Fi page, and if you’d like to keep up with the latest from Lois Dolores, you can follow her on Instagram.

Will you be checking out this adorable comic? Do you have a person like Small Horse in your life that helps keep you grounded when things seem too overwhelming? The Beat wants to hear from you, on social media @comicsbeat and in the comment section!

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