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A Year of Free Comics: Can you see dead people in S.I.D.?

Join Detective Lee in the Supernatural Investigation Department


Detective Simoon Lee has many skills to do his job. He knows how to work a crime scene to find out what caused the tragic and sometimes messy circumstances left behind. Detective Lee can also see ghosts. Welcome to S.I.D., the Supernatural Investigation Department.

Created by Sadaham, the story centers on Lee and his ability to see more than what a regular detective might pick up at the site of a murder. As his coworkers search for fingerprints, observe blood spatter, and try to determine if it was arson or an accident, Lee is seeing the apparitions of the victims as they watch law enforcement piece it all together.

The series is one part police procedural, one part spooky ghost story. The art offers eerie imagery as Lee feels the eyes of the deceased on him. What they want from him may not be clear. In fact, some don’t seem to know they are dead, but in the end, his job as the detective goes beyond lifting prints and questioning suspects. As the story progresses we learn that his powers are connected to his grandmother, and in flashbacks, she knew he’d have to bear the burden that she also seemed to share.

With free episodes on Webtoons every Saturday, S.I.D. is a good way to start off the Halloween season. Click here to begin reading.

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