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A Year of Free Comics: Roll a natural 20 with POCKETSS

Who knew a meet-cute in a bog could be so… well, cute!


In the fantasy comics by Pocketss, breathtaking landscapes populated by fantastic creatures deliver expectation-defying punch lines that are sure to brighten even the darkest woods.

Orc Lady and Strange Bog Girl

While the comics appear at first glance to be pure fantasy, with the characters and environments rendered as you would expect for a typical sword-and-sorcery comic, the dialogue and characters are more grounded and humorous. In one comic, for example, a witch arrives at a harpy nest and profers a piece of paper – but rather than an arcane shopping list, it is an invitation for some drunken debauchery.

When Orc Lady met Strange Bog Girl

In a comic that was posted earlier this week, Pocketss continued a plot thread that had begun in May of 2019, when Strange Bog Girl made a new friend: Orc Lady. In the new comic, some time has passed since the pair met one another, and Orc Lady is ready to take their companionship to the next level. It’s a simple interaction that takes place over just a few pages, but by the time you’ve made it through the panels, it’s impossible not to find yourself invested in the unlikely pair. Hopefully, we will get a chance to see what they get up to next!

That’s really the only downside to villages TBH.

The comics are posted on Twitter, and you can view them there now.

Look it’s hard to get out of bed in December, okay?

In addition to the comic strips, Pocketss also posts other artwork, which is frequently (but not exclusively) steeped in the fantasy genre. In fact, several posts have been made with collections of mimics – a shape-shifting creature that will be familiar to many tabletop gamers – in different disguises.

If you’ve enjoyed the comics, you can consider supporting Pocketss directly through Ko-Fi.

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