Canadian artist Rebecca Roher won the Doug Wright Award for her graphic novel Bird in a Cage, about a woman’s descent into dementia and a family’s struggle to deal with it. A heavy topic, but Roher uses a sketchy, all ages friendly style that makes such painful things more palatable. The first part is free to read on The Nib .


Here’s some comics from her website, which mostly take the same approach. Roher was previously best known for Mom Body, a detailed look at how motherhood affects the body and how we approach these changes.



A lot of her comics are about women’s issues, including Birth Control Tales, a short series about….birth control. So far, she’s covered IUDs and implants with hormone injections to come.


For male interest, here’s a short comic about a boy scout in a canoe with a rotting moose head. The narrative is not as gory as you might expect, as once again, Roher’s simple, illustrative style and warm, practical viewpoint take over.

Fireworks is only one page but it’s perfect.


Rebecca Roher – a name to check out.






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