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A Year of Free Comics: Would you be able to LIVE WITH YOURSELF?

The lighthearted webcomic explores what it is like to deal with your own nonsense


In Live With Yourself! Todd is just your normal computer guy, working for a company that helps clients with viruses on their system. When a routine call goes awry, Todd is suddenly split, and three more Todds emerge and follow him home. Little does he know that living with different versions of himself is more difficult than he realizes.

Written by Shen (Bluechair, Owlturd) and illustrated by David Mercier, the comedy web series offers a funny look at facing yourself. For Todd, there’s Tomo, short for Tomorrow because he is the not-too-distant future of the protagonist. Then there’s Oldie, a much older incarnation, and Babs, his baby self. The comic is funny, particularly sections with Babs. He’s a tiny baby swaddled tightly, and yet he does so much. But there’s a lesson amidst the sight gags and silliness. Future versions of yourself are warnings, and maybe if Todd pays attention, he’ll eat better, sleep better, and have some motivation in life. Hey, he might even put himself out there for a partner! That is if she can deal with living with four Todds of varying age and levels of sarcasm.

Live With Yourself! updates every Sunday. Click here to begin reading the long-running series on Webtoons.

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