Even with the best intentions, making a deal with a demon can be a tricksy business, a lesson the protagonists learn firsthand in the fantasy comic Never Heroes by Keezy Young.

The protagonists of Never Heroes discover the cave of Onaskellis.

When they were children, Levi, Rowan, and Alder were exploring in the wilderness outside Dorlake when they stumbled into a cave and met Onaskellis. Onaskellis, a demon, agreed to grant them wishes in exchange for permission to walk among humans. While the three friends agreed to the demon’s terms, they soon became intimidated and fled the cave, which collapsed behind them.

Twenty years later, the friends are reunited, and they discover that the collapsing cave did not trap Onaskellis. Instead, the demon has spent the intervening years living among humanity. With the children’s part of the bargain fulfilled, Onaskellis is now prepared to repay her debt to them by granting them each a wish.

Can the friends trust Onaskellis, or is she lying about her intentions? If they can trust her, then why have the priests warned them away from demons? Furthermore, after being separated for twenty years, can Levi, Rowan, and Alder trust each other? Never Heroes is filled with fascinating characters hiding secrets, breathtaking fantasy landscapes, and an intriguing mystery.

The protagonists of Never Heroes discuss Onaskellis.

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