Do you believe in reincarnation? The idea that we have lived many lives before our current one is fascinating. The concept that we are always connected to the same souls makes it even sweeter. For Dante in Kaleidoscope on Tapas, her ability to remember her past life (along with a few other interesting powers) might make her seem like an oddball, but it may also help her find the happiness she has always longed for.

Created by writer and artist Lady Nefertiti, the romance/fantasy is gorgeous to look at. The rich color palette alone is worth it, and as you scroll, you find yourself constantly looking at all the intricate details in the art within each of the panels. 

As for the story, the characters are likable and funny, particularly Dante, who is both graceful and awkward as she tries to connect with Virgil, the mysterious stranger who is triggering her reincarnation powers. He seems to be her soulmate from a previous life who has found her again, but the question becomes: is this really happiness or is it the beginning of a deeper mystery?

Kaleidoscope updates every Sunday on Tapas, and free episodes are unlocked daily (excluding the latest one). Begin reading here!