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A Year of Free Comics: Harmonize with SONG FOR CANTALAGUA

Nature and technology compliment one another in the cute, beautifully colored town.


Song for Cantalagua, created by Maria Izquierdo, Antar Castro, and Paulo Esparza is set in the idyllic paradise of Cantalagua and follows Nila, who is working as a delivery girl for the summer and bringing fresh food orders to the Cantalagua’s residents.

Thirteen-year-old Nila lives in the Lighthouse Initiative, a local landmark and guesthouse for those visiting Cantalagua. She loves plants, and goes to great lengths to care for hers, as well as any neglected potted flowers she comes upon during her daily delivery rounds (behavior that earns her the nickname “Potler-head”).

When she finds an orchid nearly drowning in the river, she brings it home with her, but it mysteriously wilts overnight. Could the strange bloom be connected with some of the other unusual happenings around Cantalagua, like the appearance of strange stones in the river, or the decrease in the local fish population?

The characters are cute and the setting is gorgeous, with the warm colors suggesting the illumination of sunlight. Plus, many of the sets come replete with detailed maps and other decorations that give world-building insight into life around Cantalagua. And in addition to the lovely natural settings, there are plenty of interesting inventions featured in the comic, like Potler the plant-tending robot and very cool collapsible hover bikes.

You’ll want to be sure and follow the Song for Cantalagua Twitter account, where you can regularly see artwork of the various technologies and settings that are featured in the comic.

Maintaining an impressive website and social media presence on top of crafting a beautiful comic is no joke, and rounding out the Song for Cantalagua team are Gerardo Blas, Noemi Rojas, and Marisol D. If you’d like to support the efforts of the Song for Cantalagua team directly, you can do so by directly donating through the Patreon.

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