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A Year of Free Comics: Grab a slice of ALL ABOUT ME

TIFFANY BABB’s slice-of-life comic features the best bun in the business.


In All About Me by Tiffany Babb, the reader gets a glimpse of the cartoonist’s daily life – and all of the adventures that her and her bun get into!

Dun-dun! Dun-dun! Dun-dun-dun-dundundundun
IIRC people used to communicate in non-Zoom ways??

The slice of life comic, which updates each week on Saturday, follows the small moments in Babb’s day-to-day life. Sometimes, that means reflections on personal grooming (like when forgetting to brush her hair leads her to reflect that her appearance resembles a shark), and other times, that means recollections of some of the more low-key moments of enjoyment (like when she gets overly anxious at the actions of a villain on Colombo, as well all do from time to time).

In addition to the cartoonist herself, Tiffany’s mother also plays a significant role in the proceedings, frequently appearing to offer a wry observation on the proceedings (and offering the occasional show-stopping pun). Rounding out the cast for is Watson, the family dog, whose passing in November 2020 is chronicled by the comic as well.

Broken mug in All About Me!
Thanksgiving in All About Me! Viva latkes!

Plus, because the comic mines Babb’s life for inspiration, and given that it was begun in August 2020, there are also plenty of insights to be had on what a slice-of-life comic looks like during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – including entries like the comic for Thanksgiving, which reveals the way the 2020 celebration of the harvest holiday might look different from other years.

And naturally, Babb’s personal interests have an effect the topics covered: for example, there are frequent visits to the zoo (which can prove somewhat perilous), and fans of musical theater will find a whole lot to love about this comic!

Two Four Six Oh Oneeeeeeee!

You can see more of Babb’s work on her website, and you’ll want to be sure and follow her on Twitter to keep up with all of the latest updates for “All About Me”!

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