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What happens when fairy tales don’t go the way you planned?


Everyone knows how the fairy tale is supposed to go: the handsome prince rescues the beautiful princess from the terrible curse, and the pair lives happily ever after. But what happens when things don’t work out the way the fairy tale says they are supposed to work out?

That’s the question at the heart of Cursed Princess Club by Lambcat on Webtoon. The story follows Gwendolyn, one of the three princesses of the Pastel Kingdom. Each of the three sisters is betrothed to one of the princes of the Plaid Kingdom, in one of those arranged marriage situations that seems to arise so often in these fantasy kingdoms.

After some mistaken identity shenanigans (and a lot of hijinks involving breakfast foods), Gwen ends up meeting the members of the titular Cursed Princess Club. Each of the members in the club has been cursed, but instead of having their curses lifted and living happily ever after, they find themselves forced to live with the situation in which they have found themselves. Together, they support each other as they search for ways to enrich their lives while living in a secluded mansion.

While many of the main characters have been subjected to terrible curses, almost every character in the comic is extremely charming (even seemingly minor characters like the royal guards get plenty of smirk-worthy lines), and the comedic timing is excellent.

You can read Cursed Princess Club on Webtoon at the website or through the app. Either way, you’ll want to be sure you read somewhere where you can listen to the soundtrack, which adds a nice atmosphere to the comic. 

Be sure to follow Lambcat on twitter and instagram to keep up with the latest updates, and you can support Cursed Princess Club directly through Lambcat’s Patreon page!

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