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A word on SPX debuts


In a few posts, we’ll show all the information that people sent in response to our “call for entries” at SPX, but we noticed something interesting this time out. We’ve been doing this kind of thing for years and years, and never got such a big response (over two dozen cartoonists and publishers) but everyone did just what they had to do: send a cover, a link, a brief description.

It sounds like falling off a log, but we know from that experience that people don’t read instructions, people don’t send pictures, etc., etc., etc. We always try to look up info that isn’t provided, but the more we have to look up, the longer and more arduous a process it is. This time, even with the size, it was pretty easy.

Why are we mentioning all this? Because it shows something we’ve been suspecting for a while: even indie cartoonists are getting much more professional and savvy about marketing their stuff. Maybe it’s just a by-product of the MySpace generation, but everyone knows now that you need a blog and pictures and links and so on. When everyone has a blog, it makes work a lot harder for someone like me, but I ‘m glad to see that so many people “get” it and are showing more savvy.

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