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A very HELLBLAZER Christmas


Celebrate the season with John Constantine, as his book reaches issue #250 — the first ever Vertigo title to do so. All-star contributors include:
Dave Gibbons
China Miéville
Peter Milligan
Brian Azzarello
Jamie Delano
Sean Phillips
Giuseppe Camuncoli
Eddie Campbell
Rafael Grampá
David Lloyd

Hitting shelves 12/17.

  1. I keep hoping for Hellblazer to get collected into fat hardcover “bricks.” I love the series, and pick up trades when feeling flush, but catching up on that many issues is cost-prohibitive. I’m pretty sure there are uncollected stretches in the series, to boot, which is frustrating for compulsive completists.

    Regardless, hooray for this milestone issue!

  2. HELLBLAZER reaching #250 is definitely an achievement, especially for a Vertigo title. I used to love Vertigo in the ’90s, but the only products I find myself interested in these days are this series and trade paperbacks of SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE.

  3. The Campbell storie is like four issues, and yeah, it is great… but with Constantine almost all of it’s adventures are special. After all, like his dady, he knows the score.

  4. So does the Milligan story lead into his run that starts in the next issue? Looks like I’ll be starting Hellblazer a month early

  5. I’ve at least been happy to see that DC has recently started issuing collections of the early Delano work (my favorite of all the writers) as well as Ennis. Nice to finally get “Fear Machine” up on the shelf.

  6. Eddie Campbell AND Sean Phillips, if memory serves.

    Of course, HELLBLAZER was one of the first pre-Vertigo books, and had gone some twenty or thirty issues (or more) before Vertigo even started, right?

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