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A Testosterone Filled Weekend


If you’ve been spending a little much time surfing the net and reading comics (be they capes or non-capes) and feeling a little too nerdy, this is the weekend to change up the routine. There’s MMA and Super Bowl to get your juices flowing.

First up the third UFC event in recent weeks, a mega-show taking place in their traditional pre-Super Bowl Saturday timeslot. The main event is a contest for the Interim Heavyweight Championship between former champ Tim Sylvia and ex-PRIDE titleholder Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. But, to many casual fans, the fight to see this night is the UFC debut of former WWE champion Brock Lesnar, who is taking on yet another previous UFC Heavyweight Champion, Frank Mir.

But that’s really just a warm-up to the big event of the weekend, Super Bowl XLII in Arizona. To make yet another pro rasslin’ analogy, the New York Giants are the scrappy babyface looking to take down the swaggering, arrogant heel, being the New England Patriots. New England, penalized earlier in the year for stealing another team’s signals and full of players often accused of playing dirty, is shooting for a perfect season, something not done in over 25 years.

Oh yeah, for those of you going to a Super Bowl party but not really caring about the game, the early buzz on the Big Commercial during the game is a Pepsi spot revolving around a couple of hearing-impaired guys looking for a buddy’s house. You can see the commercial online already here.

And, as THE BEAT mentioned the other day, there will be an IRON MAN trailer shown during the game, one of many advertising summer blockbusters.

If you really don’t care, there’s always PUPPY BOWL or the MYTHBUSTERS marathon to watch on cable instead.

Posted by Mark Coale

  1. Mythbusters will be my pre-game alternative tomorrow. I wish I could nominate that show for the Science Fiction Hugos. I watch the real pre-game show on ESPN over the joke that Fox will be tomorrow. Red Carpet pre-game shows will stink. This is football, not the Oscars.

  2. Highly dubious Perspepolis will reach us here in the sticks. Hell, Sweeney Todd opened a month late and closed on page 1, dammit. But First Sunday, that opened right on time. Priorities, people.

    The old man and I may go see Cloverfield tomorrow; otherwise, Puppy Bowl sounds great. I’ll periodically check in on the score to fulfill some duty as a New Yorker.

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