You probably just finished laundering the hankies you soaked with tears when Mike Mignola wrapped up his run on Hellboy a few months ago, but he did hint that Hellboy himself wasn’t gone, just him WRITING AND DRAWING Hellboy, and whaddaya know! Hellboy is coming back! Mignola has co-written a graphic novel, entitled Into the Silent Sea that will come out next year. Gary Gianni who is also a co-writer, will do the art honors and Dave Stewart anchors on colors.

The story will see Hellboy return to the atmospheric events following 2005’s classic story arc “The Island,” which was penned and illustrated Mignola. In the new graphic novel,  Hellboy is abducted aboard a ghost ship as the captain and crew set sail to defeat a mysterious and powerful sea creature.

“I imagine if Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea were a movie, the Hollywood hyperbole would describe it as Hellboy’s greatest adventure,” said Gianni in a press release. “Yes … it’s Hellboy as you’ve never seen him before, laughing, loving and battling his way across the stormy seas! You’ll be thrilled as he faces cosmic forces terrorizing a haunted shipped manned by a desperate crew!”

Let’s get one thing straight, Gianni is an amazing artist and these pages look INCREDIBLE! This will be Hellboy’s first solo GN in six years and it looks like Dark Horse will have a potential hit on its hands. 




  1. It looks like Paste or perhaps Dark Horse itself is forgetting Mignola and Duncan Fegredo’s Midnight Circus from late 2013.

    Gianni’s work looks fantastic. It’s almost Gustave Dore in the density of the linework. As much as I adore Dave Stewart’s work, it’s difficult to imagine how any color could make that second page look better.

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