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A month of previews: Lone Pine


Day Two of Preview month features is the Xeric Grant-winning LONE PINE by Jed McGowan, which looks like your typical duo-tone indie comic but turns into a mystery set in the deep, dark woods.

A distraught man retreats to the woods with a simple question on his mind: why did his last relationship end? He’s soon deep in a world of cryptic messages, shadowy figures, guns and philosophical crisis. A page-turning mystery told with exciting formal invention, Lone Pine is Jed McGowan’s debut graphic novel and a 2010 Xeric winner.
2C cover
168 2C pages
6.5 ” x 9.5 ” SC
$15.00 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-07-7
Shipping November 2010
Diamond order code: SEP10 0742

BTW, we love duo-tone indie comics. More more more.

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