Charles Brownstein has an update on Heroes 4 Haiti, the efforts of comic book folks to raise money to help ease the devastation in Haiti:

Heroes 4 Haiti, a grassroots movement of artists seeking to raise money for the victims of the January 12 Haiti earthquake, launched last weekend with immediate contributions from over a dozen popular creators including Dave McKean, Ben Templesmith, Greg Pak, and Howard Cruse.  A full listing of current auctions benefitting Haiti relief and information about how you can help are available at

Heroes 4 Haiti is not an organization, it’s a collective response to human tragedy. is a clearinghouse website that provides resources for artists, retailers, collectors and fans to support humanitarian aid organizations with auctions, donations, and volunteer opportunities. 

Please visit for tools about how you can help and to see current auctions.  Real-time updates are also available on the Heroes 4 Haiti Facebook group, which can be reached by going to

Heroes 4 Haiti is administrated by Charles Brownstein, Mike Cavallaro, and Jeff Newelt.  For more information about how you can do your part to support Haitian relief please visit