Some anniversaries are painful to remember, and so is today’s: the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. A while ago we told you about a graphic novel about this event,  OPERATION NEMESIS: A Story of Genocide & Revenge. The book is out now and in memoriam of those who lost their lives, here’s two illustrations from the book, one by Dan Panosian above and one by Harry Bogosian, below, a student of Paul Pope.

Bogosian’s father, director/monologuist Eric, has also written a book about the Genocide, also out now.


Harry Bogosian released a statement about his piece:
“Both sides of my father’s [actor, playwright, novelist, Eric Bogosian) family are Armenian. My grandfather’s side came over before the Genocide occurred, because even before, tensions and violence against Armenians was escalating. My grandmother’s side fled to America during the Genocide, and sadly my great grandfather who went back to get more family members was killed by the Turks…. For them, it was best to leave that painful history in the past. As I got older, my father educated me on what happened and showed me our history –in fact, the piece I drew for this graphic novel is modeled after a poster that hung for years on his office wall– but still for me it was all something ancient, with no contemporary ties….”
Harry Bogosian, cartoonist / illustrator NY, NY
 Art from the graphic novel is currently being used in the intro animated video to System Of A Down’s “Wake Up The Souls” tour—and the band is playing a historic concert in Armenia today as part of the day of memorial.