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overwatch superhero game

OVERWATCH is a superhero game, even though no one mentions it

The title is defined by its comic book influences, and one of the series' biggest reveals even occurred in an Overwatch digital comic.
Joker early reviews

Early JOKER reviews call it a “bold reinvention of superhero cinema” and “irresponsible propaganda”

Predictions of Oscar glory abound for Joaquin Phoenix!
songs about dc superheroes

The Internet’s Strangest Superhero Songs: Sgt. Rock Hits the Disco Floor and more

  While many of the songs I’ve encountered in compiling this bunch of songs about DC superheroes are very definitely by people who read the...

The Internet’s Strangest Superhero Songs: The Transgender Legend Who Rocked Wonder Woman and more

Featuring Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Green Lantern, and other DC superheroes.
songs about Batman

The Internet’s Strangest Superhero Songs: Adam West Blabs Batman’s Secrets and more

One of the most interesting realizations in gathering these Batman songs has been that while the Caped Crusader has absolutely nothing on Superman in...
songs about Batman

The Internet’s Strangest Superhero Songs: Batman Excites Some Dutch Kids and more

Another week, another list of songs about the least-bashful superhero on the planet, Batman. As I said last week, the most ubiquitous way Batman...

The Internet’s Strangest Superhero Songs: The Quebecois Band that Masqueraded as Batman and Robin...

When you're looking into songs about superheroes, Batman may just be the most musical superhero ever.

The Internet’s Strangest Superhero Songs: Superman’s Disco Legacy and more

Seriously, check out these songs about Superman.

Marvel HQ February highlights include Black History Month celebration

And the Avengers take over Marvel HQ!
David Bowie Graphic Novel Interview

Interview: Steve Horton and Mike Allred discuss their new biographical work, BOWIE

Insight's new graphic novel follows David Bowie from his early days to the end of his infamous Ziggy Stardust era.

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