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Webcomic alert: Simone and Ajax

Andrew Pepoy's Simone and Ajax is a charming long running strip about a woman pirate and her dinosaur. Pepoy's been working on it in various forms since the early 90s—a collection, The Adventures of Simone & Ajax, is available from IDW (a collection I never knew even existed until now) and Pepoy has now brought it back as a once a week webcomic. Bookmark.

The Deadpool Movie Isn’t Faithful To The Comics, And I Approve

A lot has been said about how the new Deadpool movie is true to the comics, but not as much focus has been put...

Review: DEADPOOL, a movie only a fan could love

We review The Merc with a Mouth's big screen adventure

2010 Harvey Award nominations announced

This year's Harvey Awards nominations have just been announced -- nominees are chosen by open ballot among comics professionals, with final ballots due Friday, August 7th. Named in honor of the late Harvey Kurtzman, the awards will be presented August 28, 2010 in Baltimore, MD, in conjunction with the Baltimore Comic-Con. While past Harvey slates contained many examples of assumed ballot box stuffing -- the Nascar and Gemstone scandals spring to mind -- this year, voters seem to have nominated things that are actually great, like Asterios Polyp and R. Crumb. You go, Harveys!

SD10: It’s up! Thursday programming!

Read it and get exhausted all over again. Sob, sob, why did they have to put The Expendables opposite Look Around You? Some quick...

The Beat’s Annual Year-End Survey, 2010 edition — Part Five

If you've stuck with us this far, you've got to go all the way, as the last batch of comics writers, artists, editors, marketers...

Andrew Pepoy’s tap dance opera

We never expected to write that headline either. But it's happening. It is real. And nothing can stop it. Artist Andrew Pepoy (THE ADVENTURES...

ComicMix.Com launches COMICS

As Mike Gold put it, the worst kept secret in comics was announced yesterday at the Bltimore Comic-Con -- ComicMix.com is going to be...

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